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Tips for Adding Products

We offer some guidance and handy tips for adding products to SA Marketplace platform.

Content matters just as much as visual imagery. You need to take the following into account when adding products:

+ Add descriptive titles
URL’s with your product keyword increases your chances of ranking on search engines.

+ Use full descriptions on all products
Ranking on any search engine relies on words and key phrases to find you on the internet. SEO (search engine optimisation) is vital these days.

“An online marketplace to help grow your business.” SA MarketPlace

+ Upload quality images that represent your products
Visual imagery combined with descriptive wording increases your chances of making a sale.

+ Add gallery pictures

+ Include a list of ingredients
People are more conscious of what they put into and on their bodies. The more information you provide, the fewer questions your customer has to ask.

+ Sell your product
Include the benefits of using your products.

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