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Frequently Asked Questions


How does this work?

SA Market Place is an Online Mall that offers a secure selling platform for individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Each Vendor runs and manages their online store.

Vendors are able to:
+ View Sales and Orders,
+ Add / edit / delete products
+ Apply for withdrawal of money.
+ Sellers can contact Vendors directly through the contact form on the Vendor Store landing page.

How do I register?

You can click here, and select the REGISTER tab.

Add your email and password, and select "I am a Vendor". Your account will register as a Vendor and you will be able to upload products instantly. Follow the simple prompts to set up your store.

How many products can we upload?

Currently we do not have any restrictions.

What if my product has different clothing sizes or colours?

If products require variations / specifications like clothing sizes, colours, product sizes or brands - please specify this when adding products.

All variations will be added in the backend of the site before being published. Or drop an email and we will help set these up for you.

What products do you not allow on SA Market Place platform?

No selling of animals or pets will be permitted.

What delivery options do you include?

We offer three delivery options for Buyers.

Aramex / DSV Store-to-Door - A fixed delivery rate.

Local Pickup - Buyers can arrange to collect packages directly from the Vendor.

Free shipping - Free Shipping has been added ONLY if a Vendor offers FREE delivery.

All Vendors should specify their prefered delivery methods. You can include this in the product descriptions.

Who handles the delivery?

Vendors arrange collection and delivery of all products for their customers. Once the buyer has received the goods, payment will reach the Vendors bank account within 2 – 5 days.


01. A buyer purchases a product from the SA Market Place shop.

02. The Vendor is notified and arranges delivery for the buyer. If the buyer has opted to use Aramax / DSV as a delivery method, the Vendor will have to purchase the shipping bag out of their own pocket. The delivery cost will be refunded after SA Market Place has made payment into the Vendor account.

03. Buyer receives the parcel from the Vendor.

04. After a successful delivery, SA Market Place takes a 10% commission and transfers the remaining balance into the Vendor’s account, including the delivery expense. There is no commission taken off the delivery costs, only product sales.

For example, Jacky buys a beautiful, stylish watch from one of our Vendor Stores. It costs R100.00.

After a successful delivery, Jacky is ecstatically happy with her purchase, the Vendor receives R90.00 for the sale of the watch and SA Market Place receives R10.00 (10%) commission.

If Jacky had selected the Aramax / DSV Delivery option of R99.00, it would have pushed her total to R199.00. The vendor arranges collection and delivery of purchased goods.

After a successful delivery, the Vendor receives R90.00 for the sale of the watch and R99.00 for the Aramax delivery cost, totalling R189.00. SA Market Place receives R10.00 (10%) commission.

Do you take a commission off the delivery fee?

No, we do not take any commission off the delivery fee. We ONLY take a 10% commission off a successful transaction.


What payment methods are accepted?

SA Market Place uses PayFast as our payment gateway.

PayFast is the Ultimate Online Payment Solution. Experience fast and secure online payments with South Africa’s leading payment gateway. You can find more information by visiting their website:

We offer EFT, Debit and Credit card payments for all buyers on the SA Market Place.

As the platform grows, we will add additional payment gateways.

Is it safe buying on the SA Market Place platform?

Yes. All payments are redirected to a secure server. We do not store any credit or debit card information.


What are your fee's?

SA Market Place take a 10% commission on all successful transactions. There is also an R10.00 per pay-out transaction fee. We will make a direct EFT into your bank account and send proof of deposit via email.

SA Market Place pays Vendors 2 – 5 days after the customer has received their goods. We offer a safe and secure environment for all buyers and vendors.

Our 10% commission helps covers costs for running this seller/buyer platform (secure online payment gateway costs, web hosting, monthly website maintenance and advertising costs).
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